Canadian Revival Training Center

CRTC is recognized as an internationally designated college that is fully licensed with the Ministry of Advanced Education. Our programs are intentionally faith based with the words and actions of Jesus as our model for success. This course contains 3 different streams that come together to form the outline of the program. 

  1. An active passionate church being equipped today for leadership.
  2. Hebraic Roots, Theology of Salvation, Family, Baptisms, etc.
  3. Professional skill of council and freedom from life controlling issues.

 Whether you are looking for personal growth, training to be in ministry, or become a professional counsellor, this course will equip you!



Biblical Counselling and Pastoral Care Certificate is a 1 year course that consists of 30 credits.  The course ranges from September - April and includes various aspects such as missions trips, theology classes, and guest speakers. 

The CRTC Biblical Counselling and Pastoral Care Diploma consists of 60 credits and takes place over a span of 2 years. This program covers both the classroom and practical sides of training.



Take a step of faith! Build and develop the foundation of your spiritual life by taking a season to devote to God! Apply today for the 2017-2018 school year! Both forms below will need to be filled in and submitted to Teresa Tabuchi via email or mail in order to receive a letter of acceptance.


View the CRTC student handbook! At Canadian Revival Training Centre, we are building a strong foundation in Christ; we are making disciples. In today’s Christianity, many people go to church experiencing a form of God but never really encountering the power and presence of the Living Jesus. The student handbook contains the foundations and information necessary for each student to begin their journey.


Contact us!

If you require more information regarding CRTC Bible college programs, or have any questions and concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. Please call or text Teresa Tabuchi at (306) 980-6705. Furthermore, you may email her at

2015 Graduates (from left to right): Zachariah Hayes, Natasha Tabuchi, Kelsey Almen


The costs of post-secondary education can be expensive. Thats why at CRTC, the tuition is not only affordable, but the class schedule also permits free time. During the school semester, students are able to maintain employment as well as pursue other opportunities. Classes are scheduled till noon, Monday to Friday, which allows for flexibility.


Prince Albert has many different choices when it comes to housing. The city is small enough so all necessities are within walking or short driving distance. 


The schedule for CRTC will be similar for both the certificate and diploma courses. The school period runs from September to April, and is followed by a practicum.