Worship Team

As a corporate body we love to engage in passionate, life giving praise and worship! At Canadian Revival Center we use music as a way to help create atmospheres around us of freedom, adoration, and honour. Making praise and worship a lifestyle is part of our belief system, where out of the abundance of our hearts, thanksgiving and love flows naturally. Coming into God's presence with expectation and anticipation is something we encourage everyone to do! We would love for you to join us, and become a part of our family. 



Kids Church

Kids go where there is excitement and they stay where there is love! At Canadian Revival Center we believe in training up a generation that demonstrates the love of the Father through signs, wonders, and miracles. Jesus desired that everyone enter into his kingdom, including children. His gospel was simple, yet captivating enough, that it drew an audience of all ages. Through fun, interactive teachings and activities we create an environment of faith and friendship.  

Young Wonders - Ages 0-4

Champions - Ages 5-11